Cruz has the same position on Israel/Palestine, and is far worse in general. I never said a candidate has to be perfect; my point was that since Beto is complicit in genocide, I am morally opposed to voting for him. So I’m not voting for either one.

I’m well aware that many folks still adhere to the “lesser of two evils” philosophy when voting in the U.S. But, since I’ve personally been involved in that for the last 17 years (since I started voting), I’ve realized that those “less evil” candidates haven’t even been able to significantly impact positive social change domestically or abroad when they do get elected.

So, in short, I understand your sentiment, as I used to espouse it. However, as I wrote at the end (and this is the other main point), “I want candidates to realize they need to evolve on this issue in order to earn our support and our votes.”

If enough voters boycotted “progressive except for Palestine” candidates, those politicians would learn their lesson rather quickly (you can’t get elected if you support Israel). I personally see this as an extension of the BDS philosophy, which I strongly support. Anyway, it seems as though we might have to “agree to disagree,” as it were.

Communist. Herbivore. Husband. Artist. I primarily write about politics and history. My work has also been published by The Hampton Institute.

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