I’m a socialist and I honestly don’t care what liberals or conservatives think. They are both right-wing and support imperialism and capitalism. I think the liberal notion of civility is a joke when it occurs surrounded by such prolific, systemic exploitation and savagery. I also reject the notion of objectivity in political analysis. Centrism is just as subjective as left or right (and it’s worth noting how far the political spectrum has shifted to the right in recent decades).

With much of my writing, I am interested in denouncing the inherent global profit-driven violence of the ruling class that is directed against indigenous and working people around the world. I am interested in voicing my own opinions regarding these matters and not catering to the delicate sensibilities of class traitors and bootlickers. If anyone is interested in developing class consciousness and building proletarian power, I welcome them.

Maybe this will clarify where I stand.

Communist. Herbivore. Husband. Artist. I primarily write about politics and history. My work has also been published by The Hampton Institute.

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